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Kaspersky Lab
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Express delivery service costs extra as it puts your project in top priority from all the other open projects and our team will work around the clock to meet your deadline and deliver everything to you in 5 business days (without affecting the quality).

To prepare for our meeting and make the meeting as productive as possible please do the following:
  • Take a look at our portfolio and video projects completed by date. Over the last year alone, we’ve created 620+ videos for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies including Kaspersky, McDonalds MTV, eBay, CBS and Sberbank in order to communicate their ideas and message better and faster.
  • Please make sure the other core decision makers will be attending our meeting. This is really important to the success of this meeting - because with everyone present, we will be able to understand what questions and concerns everyone has.
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Luis Quiles
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Amy McCain
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