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""The communication was excellent and they were very responsive – even over a holiday weekend. Using wizMotions is a tremendous value. What you get is more than what you pay.”
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FACT: Dropbox grew from 0 to 1 MILLION users in a short 5 years, on their website they had just a logo and an explainer video.
”You have 5 SECONDS to impress your prospects and 1 minute to convince them to say "YES!"
  • Explain your big or complex ideas instantly and connect with prospects on a DEEP emotional level.
  • Be different from your competition with a video your audience will love, engage with and take action.
  • Simplify complicated procedures and concepts for your staff or prospects and make your processes 70% more memorable.
  • Create awareness for your innovation and convince prospects on why need it RIGHT NOW!
  • Demonstrate your new app, product or service in a way that even a 7 y.o. kid would understand and show them why your solution is a must-have and how it will make their life easier.
  • Impress your audience with a world-class video based on proven neuroscience principles designed to generate more cash and multiply your conversions by 2, 3, even 4x.
We've produced 1400+ minutes for 600+ clients in the tech industry. Today it's your turn!

"It was a fun process and great working with wizMotions.“

"Our biggest fear before hiring wizMotions was “quality” and it turned out to not be a problem at wizMotions. Working on the animated story line was our favorite part of the process. They did a great job! It was a fun process and great working with wizMotions.“

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"These guys are great"

"These guys are great – you should definitely use them for any whiteboard needs. Great work and great prices!"

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"They delivered 2 videos in less than 70 hours"

"We needed 2 high quality whiteboatd videos delivered within 72 hours so we ordered their "Express delivery" and they were delivered in less than 70...."

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"Outstanding value, quality and professionalism."

"Before hiring wizMotions we were afraid of not being able to clearly communicate our message..We loved the quick response. Outstanding value, quality and professionalism. wizMotions made promises and kept them."

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Now that you know why customers love us, take a look at some of our work...
Access World-Class Animation Skills Without
the Hassle of High Costs, Empty-Promises
and Missing Important Deadlines
A Quick Video Showreel from 
our 1500+ video portfolio...
2D Cartoon Animation
    Whiteboard Animation
Kinetic Typography
Recent videos we have completed in the Tech industry...
Video for
Video for Favement Mobile App
Video for D3 Technologies
Video for for 3D Techware
Video for InfoSys
Video for for Blueprint Networx
Now that you've seen some of our work, check our 5-Step process...
Our Process & How We Do It!
We're strong believers in the "goal-oriented design process", meaning that we design with the goals and behaviors of our customers in mind. Here is exactly how our process works:
I have a tight deadline, how long is my project going to take?

Assuming timely approval and feedback from our clients, our standard delivery time for an entire video is 2-3 weeks (we usually deliver sooner).  We do offer a 5-Day Express delivery option, however this costs extra as it puts the project on top priority from all the other open projects and our team will work around the clock to meet deadline and deliver everything in 5 business days.  

After your trial package if you want to continue and 2-3 weeks sounds fine, we can stick to that.
Now that you've seen our super simple 5-Step process, learn why people are choosing us...
What else should you know...
12 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us!

Authentic & Unique Artwork

Your business is safe from copyright issues with us. We create only 100% original artwork hand-drawn by extremely talented artists. No clipart or stolen images ever! 

Unlimited Revisions Guarantee

Your satisfaction is VERY important to us, therefore your video project is risk-free. That means we won't stop until you're 100% satisfied.

Fast Turnaround & Delivery

Standard delivery from start to finish is between 2 to 3 weeks. Got a tight deadline? Ask for our 3-day or 5-day "Express Delivery' option.

No hidden prices. No surprises.

Other animation companies hide their prices and ask potential customers to call for pricing. We're 100% transparent and our prices are here.

You Buy Directly From Source

We're being asked almost daily "Why are your prices are so low compared to others?". The answer is simple: We're not middle persons.

Scientifically Designed Videos

The majority of our team is well-trained in the areas of NLP and marketing.  We create videos that will keep audiences glued to the screen and taking action!

Script Writing That Converts

Our in-house direct response copywriters have worked with celebrities and Fortune 500 companies - they write to convert viewers into buyers! They'll be assigned to your project too.

25+ Voice Talent Professionals

You may have the right message and drawings, but a bad voice-over can send wrong signals.  We have over 25+ voice-over superstars you can choose from.

Your Ideas are Protected

Are you working with a private client or on a big idea and want the sensitive information you share with us to remain confidential? We've got your covered. Let's sign an NDA!

Done For You In Any Language!

We've created several videos in multiple languages including Spanish, German, Portuguese and 15 more. In fact, we work with native experts so we support almost any language you would need.

Progress Monitoring Access

When it comes to working on a video project, email communication is inefficient.  You need something visual. That's why we'll give you access to our project management system so you can be included in every step of the way.

Dedicated Project Managers

One of the greatest things about working with our management team is that they're RELIABLE and DEVOTED. You'll never ever have to ask them "Hey, any update on my project?"
Now that you've learned what makes us so special, see our rates and pricing...
7-Day Free Trial for all animation services
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Per finished minute
(video & storyboard)
    Per finished minute
    (video & storyboard)
      Per finished minute 
      (video & storyboard)
        Now that you've seen our rates, say hello to us at 732-943-3337 or click here to get started!
        Still Not Convinced? Read Our Rock-Solid Guarantee:
         If you don't SEE your idea turning into a compelling story backed up with attention-grabbing drawings that will hold viewers on the edge of their seats...and with our unlimited revisions guarantee, if you don't FEEL we get your message right...and if you don't EXPERIENCE the best and fastest customer support you've ever experienced...just say thanks and walk away!  Sound good?
        Who It's Not For?...
        • Those who are not willing to invest time and money to grow their business and get significant results.
        • Those who are always skeptical and negative and not looking for ways to stand out from their competition.
        • Those who see these types of videos as an expense and NOT as an investment for growing their business and taking it to the next level.
        • Those who think that they should always get everything for free but not give anything in return.
        Who Is This Service For?...
        • You're a technology company that focuses on complex innovations to help clients improve business processes, efficiency, increase agility, and reduce time/costs.
        • You want to explain how it works and force your prospects to take action and say "YES!"
        • You want to create awareness and show your prospects why they need your solution NOW.
        • You want to differentiate yourself from the competition and show to them quickly and easily why your solution is better than their existing.
        • You want RESULTS using explainer videos based on proven neuroscience principles.
        We Wouldn't (Probably) Be The #1 Animation Business Without an
        Awesome Team of 21 Superstars!
        Now that you've met some of us, let's create an awesome video for you.
        Got Questions? We've got answers!
        I'm not sure you’ll be able to capture the essence of my business in the video so I prefer to get the video script done by myself before I hire you.

        Video scripting is the "make it or break it" element of a high-converting explainer video. With that said I highly recommend you take advantage of the skills of our award-winning copywriters for your video.

        Not just for you to save time, but most importantly to put together a video script that holds viewers on the edge of their seats in order to convert them into action takers. And that’s what our copywriters do all day...
        I have a tight deadline and I'm afraid my explainer animation video is not going be done on time.

        Assuming timely approval and feedback from our client, our standard delivery time for an entire video is 2-3 weeks (we usually deliver sooner). We do offer a 5-Day Express delivery option, however this costs extra as it puts the project on top priority from all the other open projects and our team will work around the clock to meet deadline and deliver everything in 5 business days.  

        After your trial package if you want to continue and 2-3 weeks sounds fine, we can stick to that.
        I'm afraid the quality of my video might not meet my expectations . Why should I trust you?

        Hmm not sure why you feel this way since you've already seen the customer reviews and the quality of our work above on this page.  However, we want you to feel 100% confident while working with us.  That's why we made the "7-Day Trial" on this page available, so you can see and feel first hand what a great team we are.

        Some may think we're crazy for working on a project for free for 7 days.

        However what we really think (and hope) is that by the end of your trial you'll feel so thrilled and confident in working with us that you'll scream "Yes, it looks great! Let's get it fully done!"  If not just walk away, no hard feelings :)
        I'm on a budget and think a quality explainer video will cost a fortune to get done right. How come you charge so low compared to others?

        That's what the Kaspersky team thought too until they hired us to create and deliver 2 videos in 5 days (yes, 5 days). Here's what they had to say...

        "We were really curious about why wizMotions was so much less costly than others. I figured there had to be a catch. There wasn’t. We got a great video in a very short time for very little money."

        Of course the prices you see don't last forever because from time to time we run promotional offers. But one thing we can promise you for sure is that while working with us you'll get a very LOW price with extremely HIGH quality results.  Almost 700 happy customers can't be wrong!
        Why should I use your services instead of buying a DYI piece of video software and create the video by myself?

        If you're on a tight budget using software is OK.  However if you are a serious business owner without any designing or drawing skills, you'll experience a lot of painful trial and error issues as well as limitations in what images you can use.  

        On the other hand, if you hire an experienced video animation company it will save you dozens of hours, days, even weeks that can be invested in growing your business instead of spending it figuring out the software and looking for templates that could fit what you want.  Remember this is an investment into your business. 

        When you work with a professional company, you'll end up with a video that is 100x times better than by doing it yourself. At the end of the day what's the point of having a video that is not compelling and high converting, right?
        What happens if I don't want  to continue with the project after my trial package? Do I have to pay any penalty fee or anything?

        Nope! You're not obligated to continue with your project whatsoever if you don't want to. If nothing else, we'll end up being friends. No hard feelings either.  That's how confident we are in our service and in the quality of our work!

        Please note: The application for the 7-Day Discovery Pack Trial is not for everyone. It's limited to a certain amount (and type) of client.  This is to protect our clients to ensure we have a minimal amount time wasted and we're able to bring a 100% effort to every client we have.  In some cases, applicants are not very serious about getting an explainer video done so we can't possibly take everyone.

        But hey, click here to apply and let's think positive shall we?

        I want to invite you personally to try out our "get to know us" offer and let us take all of the risk...

        My name is John Socratous, and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of wizMotions.

        Here's the deal:

        We'll let you work with three of our super star artists and animators to develop your concept and deliver the first few scenes of the storyboard (up to 40 man hours) absolutely and completely FREE. This means absolutely no cost or risk for you.

        Then, if you are completely satisfied with our work and you wish to, you can continue with your video project.   Or you can walk away with absolutely no obligation at all to spend any money.

        But don't delay. We set aside only 8 team members for this offer per quarter, and once they're booked and busy there are no more spots that quarter.

        Take advantage while you still can as the spots are filling up fast.

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