The Simple Psychology-Based 3-Step Formula That Generated 5 MILLION Leads In Just 5 Years And How You Can Use It To Grow Your Business!
Written by John Socratous on November 28th, 2016
Every product or service REQUIRES explanation.
Your website visitors need to QUICKLY understand three things: 

 1. What you do.
 2. How you do it.
 3. Why you're the best choice.

But Here's The Challenge... 
You have 7 SECONDS to impress your prospects
...and 1 minute to convince them to say "YES!"
So how did Dropbox grew from 0 to 5,000,000 users in 5 years?
Here's The 3-Step Formula: 
PI + VP + S = Growth
Before we dive into the specifics of this formula and what it stands for, let me tell you that while Dropbox was using this formula, their growth exploded. 

When Dropbox launched, their website consisted of just a logo and an explainer video.  

That’s all.

Nothing else.

TIP: If you'd like to preview Dropbox original video, click on the image on the right.
Step #1: PI stands for...
 "Pattern Interruption"
Let me explain…
Did that big, red Stop Sign grab your attention? 

Of course it did. 

And the reason is because it interrupted the article and the white space in an unexpected way. 

THAT is a pattern interrupter.

When someone starts watching an explainer video, it grabs their attention big time because in their brain it creates what we call “pattern interruption”. 

Explainer videos break up the space of a two dimensional website and interrupt the boring text that we have come to expect. And most importantly, pattern interrupters lower your prospects defenses, priming them to act.

Here is another example of how it works:

Now imagine this… 
You’re among a group of people and you clap your hands ONCE, but really loud. What do you think would happen? 

Apart from the fact that they’ll think you didn’t take your medication, most likely everyone will pause and turn to you with a startled look to see what will happen next.
You have their attention because something unusual just happened that people didn’t expect. That’s an example of a pattern interruption.
The same goes with explainer videos; it gives people the “unexpected” touch they need to give their 100% focus — at least for the first few seconds. Explainer videos disarm your prospects and deliver a message in a way that works for us, which leads to the next part of the equation...
Step #2: VP stands for...
 "Visual Processing"
of our brain is involved in visual processing.
of all our sensory receptors are in our eyes.
is all it takes us to understand a visual scene.
We’re all visually wired.

During an average website visit, users only read 28% of the words

This means that only 28% of your message is being delivered-unless you use an explainer video.

Considering that we are all visually wired and engaged to signs, graphics, colors, images, etc, keep the momentum and engagement going with visual stimulus.

The bigwigs at MIT have shown that 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing and 150 milliseconds is all it takes for us to understand a visual scene. 

It is time to leverage what you know about the brain to your marketing advantage.
That’s why while driving a car you may see a sign with an image that indicates the road is dangerous from falling rocks (and cows) instead of using a sign with writing on it that says “BE CAREFUL! FALLING ROCKS!”.  

Visual processing is in our brain and DNA. 

We understand visuals much better and faster. And, we act on 
Step #3: S stands for...
The next piece of the puzzle: Storytelling 

Storytelling is a part of our life and is how we process information best. Our very first record of history is in the form of cave paintings which tell powerful stories. 

Visuals function as a fundamental communication method.
Beginning in early childhood, our brains become more active when we are telling stories. 

Telling a story to your potential customers plants ideas, thoughts, and emotions into their brains and creates a memorable experience that is more likely to convert to a higher level of interest. 

Here is an example:
Quick Story: "Tom inherited a 125 year old freight company and has a unique set of values that he would like his team to follow. Instead of training each employee in person, he decided to use an explainer video. "
Does that interest you AT ALL? I almost fell asleep writing it. 

It is missing a sparkline. In other words, a way of mapping the presentation structure.

The very best speeches succeed because they contrast our ordinary world with an ideal, improved world. 

They compare what is with what could be. 
NOW, add PI and VP to this story and you have MAGIC!
In A Nutshell...
When pattern interruption, visual processing, and storytelling are done right, it becomes a well crafted ENGAGEMENT cocktail. The cocktail will make people feel connected with you and feel good about buying from you because they are being understood.

That’s why explainer videos work. And that’s why businesses are hiring wizMotions to create engaging animation videos for them. The team at wizMotions understands the science and puts it into action.

"OK - So How Do I Get This Neuro-Scientific Methodology To Work For My Business?"
Now that you understand the neuro-scientific methodology, it is time to implement it to work for your business. What you need is a powerful explainer video that creates an instant bond with your prospect and practically FORCES them to take action, whether it's to buy your product... give you a call... or if you just want to explain to them a complicated idea quickly and easily.

Here at wizMotions, we have created thousands of explainer videos for startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies such as Google, McDonalds, Kaspersky, CBS, and more.

We are creating world-class explainer videos for businesses in a way that makes their customers FAR more likely to buy and share it with their friends — like pouring gasoline on a fire. Thanks to our team who implement special storytelling and artwork methodologies based on neuroscience.

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